Crowwood Hotel | 5 Things Newly Engaged Should Consider
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5 Things Newly Engaged Should Consider

Getting engaged is an incredibly exciting milestone, but many couples can get overwhelmed by wedding checklists and all of the decisions that lie ahead of them. Here are our top 5 things to consider to kick off your wedding planning:


Although you might still be in the early stages of your engagement, it is always worth thinking about what you can afford and want to spend on your wedding. Establishing a wedding budget together can give you an idea of how much to save and for how long. You don’t always need to pay top end prices for a beautiful and personalised wedding, so make sure you research first before making any expensive commitments! Our affordable 2018 wedding packages range from £1495 to £3995 to cater to different budgets and wedding parties!


While you don’t have to decide on your exact list right away, it’s a good idea to at least create a rough draft. By gathering you and your partner’s potential lists as well as both sets of parents lists you will get a good estimate of how many guests you are looking at hosting. Once you have drafted a rough guest list, you can begin looking at potential wedding venues.


Wedding venues have and will always continue to book up fast, especially around popular dates! So this should be one of the top things to consider when planning your wedding. Think about the style and size of the wedding you want, then see if the venue can complement your theme. We seek to provide an authentic wedding experience for our guests comprising all the ingredients for a perfect day: your wedding ceremony can take place in the hotel, a traditional piper can welcome your guests, beautiful photographs can be taken against a stunning Scottish backdrop, delicious food will be provided for your guests and great entertainment will carry on into the early hours.


Wedding Style

The more specific you get with your vision, the easier it will be for you to choose your details and theme. Whether you have dreams of a traditional, quirky, vintage or themed wedding, it’s guaranteed we will help you find the perfect combination for you and your partner. Our caring philosophy and exemplary attention to detail of your style means that each detail of your special day will be planned to perfection.


Avoid taking on too much

When you take everything about your big day into consideration, it can be far too much for one or two people to handle! Having the help of a wedding planner or wedding coordinator is invaluable in terms of lowering stress levels during the planning process. At Crowwood, we offer expert in-house wedding coordinators to cater to your every need and requirement to ensure the preparation and the big day itself runs smoothly.


If you are interested in The Crowwood for your special day, enquire now on 0141 779 3861 or email On Sunday 28th January, we are holding a FREE wedding day open event for you to come along between 12-4pm to meet our wedding coordinators, tour the venue and enquire about your special day! Book your place here

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